SafetyWarning Labels

Serious injuries can be sustained as a result of poorly constructed, misused or unanchored goals. While the injury rate per player is low, Portagoals take safety seriously.

Portagoals have observed international safety standards during the design and manufacture of our goals. Whilst our goals are freestanding, each goal is equipped with a set of “j” shaped ground anchors to securely anchor the goal to the ground for player’s safety. Warning labels reiterate the correct use of the goal.

If goals are to be used in an indoor, court or beach situations, the goals must be counterweighted with sandbags or equivalent weighting device. Portagoals produces sandbags for this purpose. Please see our New Products page for more information.

Goal Warning labels are fixed to all crossbars of our goals and should be clearly visible to users. Safe handling and use instructions are included with each goal's assembly instructions and all users should be adequately coached with instructions.


Portagoals have a 12-month warranty on goal frames and nets. This is subject to equipment being adequately cared for and used correctly. The warranty is void if damage occurs as a result of negligence or misuse.

Replacement Parts and Accessories

Portagoals carry all goal parts and accessories should replacement parts be required in the future.